Crystal Facial Roller - Amethyst & Quartz

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Discover the quick and healthy way to a more relaxed skin: the CRYSTAL FACIAL ROLLER face roll-on is a 2-in-1 massage tool with an Amethyst crystal wheel and an integrated Rose Quartz tip for the area around the eyes.

Amethyst is known to have a calming effect. Rose quartz is reputed to improve skin radiance. Together, the two stones work to sublimate your beauty ritual and promote the absorption of serums and face creams.

Use the amethyst roll-on for larger areas of the face (cheeks and forehead). Use the smaller end for the more delicate areas of the face (eyes and nose).



1. Start from the centre of the face, and roll the attachment over the cheeks, towards the extremities of the face.

2. Starting from the eyebrows, pull the attachment up towards the forehead.

3. Starting from the lower lip, move up towards the chin.

4. Use the small Rose Quartz tip for hard to reach places.

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