LAVAY x beauty salons

Discover LAVAY "Boost your Skincare".

Offer the Facial Gym in your beauty salon

with the Gua Sha and Quartz Roller massage tools
Attract new clients and pass on your know-how.
Increase your average basket with a complete range of accessories, available for treatment and for sale in beauty salons.
 LAVAY Boost your Skincare
With our complete LAVAY "Boost your Skincare" range - Gua Sha, Quartz Roller, Cooling Globes - you will introduce your customers to a practical & efficient skincare product, easy to integrate into their skincare routine.
Beauty salon treatment with LAVAY Quartz Roller
We designed advantageous purchasing conditions for beauty salons and home beauticians with our partner




Offer your customers a range of quality facial massage tools, at affordable prices.


 Work in a sustainable and flexible way with a recognised "partner brand" with human values.


Our collection “Boost your Skincare” is designed for distribution in beauty salons, spas, hotel spas, thalassotherapy and thermal baths. Become a partner.

5 good reasons to choose LAVAY " Boost your Skincare " :
  1. Authentic tools, designed to promote the absorption of the active ingredients of moisturizing creams, masks and serums
  2. A complete range of products to firm the skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage and relieve the temples, neck and back
  3. Step-by-step tutorials to get the most out of it
  4. Clean & responsible brand - eco-designed packaging 🌍
  5. Payment available at 60 days + 200 euros offered - for the first order placed via our partner Faire x LAVAY Paris


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