Duo Spatulas for face masks

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The handy spatula duo for hygienic and smudge-free application of your favorite face masks and Bubble Detox. It's fast, fun and smudge-free! Their flexible silicone blade adapts to the natural curves of the face.

Duo pack: pink spatula + green spatula

Easy to rinse, the silicone spatulas can be used with any type of mask, including creams, liquids, gels and muds. They can also be used to apply facial moisturizer evenly and hygienically, eliminating the need to remove product from a jar with your fingers. Simply rinse the tool with warm water and clean with a mild soap.

- Designed to fit the natural curves of your face
- Easy to clean, with its soft texture
- Zero waste, does not absorb your cream

They love it!

- Ideal for applying my mask
- Soft and hygienic
- Versatile applicators